The CareRise® Index Process

CareRise® Index Members have pledged their healthcare facilities, communities and organizations to the highest levels of quality care delivery.

Healthcare facilities and communities that are enrolled in the CareRise® Index program are independently assessed on-site throughout the year, with levels of frequency that offer up to four ratings each year. These organizations are also in-line to receive on-going outside consultancy on key issues regarding quality care delivery and overall patient-customer satisfaction.

CareRise®'s on-site assessments are conducted by licensed Registered Nurses/Risk Managers, utilizing CareRise®'s proprietary technology, which provides for the most detailed screening and scoring of all vital quality-care and risk management factors. These assessments also include direct input from the patient population specific to the main areas of the facility's / community's care-delivery and environment.

The dedication of healthcare facilities and communities to this level of scoring and assessment - specific to the unique CareRise® Index methods and timing of these screenings, in part, truly creates 'The Ultimate in healthcare facility ratings ®'.

CareRise® Index measures All Key Components that matter as it relates to universal quality care - patient safety and risk management, staffing, and patient satisfaction levels.

The CRI® Score and technology platform allow for the 'ultra-clear rating of healthcare facilities ®' - for consumers and all healthcare organizations.

ultra-clear rating of healthcare facilities ®

The CRI® Score is presented in four clear levels

  • Exceptional
  • Exceeds Standard
  • Meets Standard
  • IP - In-Process (meaning a new CRI® member that is working to achieve a CRI® rating, or a facility/community member that is utilizing CareRise® technical support services in establishing a higher rating)

Furthermore, the CRI® Score provides how the facility/community scored by category

  • Overall Score
  • Component 1 - Quality Care/Patient Safety/Risk Management
  • Component 2 - Staffing Verifications
  • Component 3 - Patient Satisfaction Survey

Easy Search - at

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CRI® Scores are made available 24/7 via the utilizing the latest in modern technology, and purposefully made user-friendly - for all CareRise® Index Members, consumers, and healthcare organizations - via iPhones, iPads, PCs/Personal Computers.